A Better Economy Won’t Add More Jobs… Then What?

Sorry for not writing lately, but thankfully I’ve been busy helping a lot of people. As I predicted, there’s quite a few of you looking for change now that a new year has started… which bring me to this post…

As I was watching TV this weekend I came across a segment on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show on CNN on how economic growth doesn’t mean more jobs (You can watch the whole segment in this link Understanding The Second Age Machine). Technology has taken over many jobs, but what does this really mean for you?

First of all you need to understand economic evolution and know that although some job will cease to exist (as they always do), new jobs will raise to the occasion. And not only functions but ways in which skills are offered. Today, more than ever, people need to be clear about the value of their worth. Can you make a list of your main skills and support them with examples? can you specify your expertise and why you are an expert in certain area? are you able to think of yourself as someone who adds value to the companies he/she works for?

If you are not capable of answering these questions, you will fail to sell yourself and your skills in this new economic reality. If you are not aware of your skills, you cannot identify which of them are transferable. If you don’t know your value, you will never will be able to offer your services as an outsourcing service. Not to mention the fact that you will never be able to reinvent yourself and create a new service for people/businesses to buy.

Do your homework and analyze what you are really good at. If you see it as an opportunity, you can even chose what you like and align your work objective with your purpose.

Hope this helps!!! Have a great week!

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