What should you do with your online information when looking for a job?

So one of the premises of the information that’s out there about you, is that most of it, if not all of it, comes from you. So please be aware of what you post and share before the time comes to pick up the pieces. It is always harder to erase information you don’t need any potential employer to see, than to post it in the first place.

Employers are not allowed by law to discriminate you but do have the right to research your background and who you are, and we never know if the person who does this will look at things from an unbiased perspective or not.

Please make sure that if you have Facebook or Twitter accounts (whether you use them or not) your information is safe. In the case of Facebook there’s a lot you can do: go to accounts and privacy settings and limit access to your posts. You can also create lists of friends who can see what you write, and make sure your pictures are private (for friends only) and that nobody can tag you in any picture or post without your permission. Make sure you protect what goes out there about you.

When it comes to Twitter, limit the use of religion and/or political statements, at least during your active job search, in reality, is always better to be safe than sorry. If necessary, you can also choose to accepts followers or not. In either case, make sure to see acceptable pictures.

And when it comes to pictures, be careful with how you use Instagram also. All the information in these apps can be used in for or against you.

Linkedin is a wonderful tool for networking especially when looking for a job or growing your business, but please make sure you know how to use it correctly so all the information there looks appropriate and professional. You can still be original and engaging… but please keep it appropiate.

You need to take advantage of these wonderful online tools during your job search, but before you do, have in mind that what is out there and what you post is your responsibility…. ensure it falls within the acceptable parameters and that it won’t harm your search in any way (directly or indirectly).

Social media is not the only information about you out in the open but I will refer to other things to watch out on another entry.

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