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Your LinkedIn Picture

I suddenly feel an urge to write this entry. I help people on a daily basis to write and brand their professional image, both by developing their LinkedIn content and writing their resumes. I also teach them job search...


The worst advice to write your resume

You will find plenty of information online from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. as to what to include on your resume to make it effective. After over 15 years of experience helping our clients, I can tell you what you...


A better economy won’t add more jobs…. then what?

Sorry for not writing lately, but thankfully I’ve been busy helping a lot of people. As I predicted, there’s quite a few of you looking for change now that a new year has started… which bring me to this...


About YOUR resume: Tips to have in mind when writing a powerful resume!

Do you want to catch the eye of recruiters and potential employers? Do you need to get interviews and get your job search going? Are you planning for the future and want to have a resume at hand just in...


The Job Search Bird!

Want to know how to use Twitter  for your job search?  Listen to my audio and get some tips! We offer ***FREE*** resume reviews go to CONTACT to download your resume and get a review in the next 48 hours. 


Some thoughts on interviews

Click this LINK to listen to the audio….


What should you do with your online information when looking for a job?

So one of the premises of the information that’s out there about you, is that most of it, if not all of it, comes from you. So please be aware of what you post and share before the time...


So if you won’t get a job for me….what do you do?

Sometimes I get a question that baffles me, either from people that inquire about my services or even from active clients, and it is, “would you find a job for me?” My answer is the same always, that’s simply...


Resume Vs. Linkedin

So many people ask why do I need an updated Linkedin Profile and what is the difference between what I write on my Linkedin page and what I have on my resume. Resumes are targeted documents. They are meant...



This is sooooo terribly frustrating, I had written a beautiful, long and complete first post on my iPad and it’s all gone, disappeared, just like that. Yes, I should know better but being a writer those things have happened...

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