So If You Won’t Get A Job For Me… What Do You Do?

Sometimes I get a question that baffles me, either from people that inquire about my services or even from active clients, and it is, “would you find a job for me?” My answer is the same always, that’s simply impossible.

The example I give people is that of someone who goes to the doctor to hear things like: “this is the medicine you need, you got to exercise 20 minutes a day and diet” If you get out the doctor’s office and don’t even try to follow his instructions, there’s nothing anybody can do for you. In the same way, nobody would ever be able to find a job for you, this is something you and nobody else will be ever to do…but it goes beyond that, it includes the understanding that looking for a job is a full time job. Only you CAN sell yourself, manage your network and weight your options. You experience is not part of who I am, so matter how hard you try to explain it to me, I will never get to the point in which I am capable to sell it to anyone else.

Another question I get pretty often is what are my areas of expertise, of what industries I’m specialized in.  My job as a career coach is not to become an expert in any industry, unless fate brings me to work in one industry more than in other. In reality, my expertise is resume writing which includes transcribing all your relevant work. I’m expert in writing in a way anyone can understand what you have done. I’m expert in making sure all your skills are represented. I’m expert in asking the right questions and digging your brain for the most relevant experience. I’m expert in listening what you have done and exposing it in a way it positions you in the job market….. and no, I’m NO expert in the oil, pharmaceutical, or food industries, and nor I want to be.

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