Resume Vs. Linkedin

So many people ask why do I need an updated Linkedin Profile and what is the difference between what I write on my Linkedin page and what I have on my resume.

Resumes are targeted documents. They are meant to apply for certain positions, they are a presentation card that will make a potential employer want to meet you. Resumes don’t include references (no even upon request) and they won’t be open documents anyone can access as they please.

Your Linkedin profile is meant to be open and it should reflect accurately who you are. I recommend people include a very strong summary or a bio on their Linkedin summary and to make it interesting so the reader will keep reading until the end. As with the resume, you need to mention all your jobs but explain in more detail the last 8 to 10 years….so far so good, the main difference is that you should ask for recommendations (not endorsements) for each of your positions. If you are actively looking for a job, this will help you lots during the hiring process.

Also, you should customize your public Linkedin link to include in your presentation cards and in the headings of your resume and cover letters. In that way you will make it easier for the reader to check your profile and read additional things about you other candidates might not have included.

Also, you don’t include a picture on your resume, but you are encourage to do so in your Linkedin page. Resumes with pictures look old fashion and Linkedin pages without pictures look less appealing. So watch out!!! Also please please make sure your Linkedin picture looks professional or is pleasant to the sight.

A lot of the things you have are in your resume are useful for your Linkedin profile but remember the purpose of both is different. Resumes are targeted to apply for jobs or to target your network during a job search….Linkedin is to keep your network going (either if you are actively looking or not) and growing and to complement your search.

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