This is sooooo terribly frustrating, I had written a beautiful, long and complete first post on my iPad and it’s all gone, disappeared, just like that. Yes, I should know better but being a writer those things have happened before… and I also should have known I could have used a more reliable software to pour my valuable thoughts and knowledge into….oh well….

Anyhow, my post was about the first thing I notice when I read resumes people send me for review. There are several things I can tell just 2 or 3 seconds into reading a resume, but one of the things that annoys me the most is definitively not knowing out of the bat who this person is. The best thing anyone can do for a resume reader and for themselves is to DEFINE who you are. Of course this definition can be flexible, but it needs to be accurate. It is very bothersome to have to go through the person’s positions to get an idea of their expertise.

Are you a manager? A operation supervisor? A finance specialist? A senior accountant? Aerospace engineer? I invite you to tell the reader who you are. What industries have you worked for? Food? Retail? Telecom? Tell the reader where you have obtained your expertise. I promise they will be very impressed and grateful.

And this can be linked to your career vision. In today’s competitive, interconnected, entrepreneurish world everybody needs a purpose, a vision, a passion. If you don’t know who you are, how would you know where to go or what to do next? But of course that is content for another entry.

For now, know that instead of including an objective nobody cares for, include a solid summary or professional profile that clearly tells the reader who is the person in front of them.


Let’s have this conversation going.

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