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  • Are you ready to start looking for a new challenge but don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you currently unemployed and have been looking for a new challenge for over 8 months with no success?
  • Do you know what a successful career transition process entails?
  • Have you contacted with many recruiters and headhunters with no response so far?
  • Are you considering a career change but are unsure of where to begin?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then our executive career coaching service will help you get your career back on track.

Executive Resume Writing

Executive Resume Writing

  • We will have an initial meeting over the phone of approx. 45 mins to explain what we will be doing and to understand your experience better.
  • 3 sessions of maximum 2 hrs. each to write together the final version of your resume. We know how to write a powerful resume, but only you know what you have done. So we need to do this together. Our sessions are virtual, we use Google docs and Zoom (very user friendly platforms).
  • This service Includes BOTH Executive Chronological and Functional versions of your resume.

Duration. It will depend on your availability and your consultant’s availability. The average time ranges from one week to one month.

Executive Branding/LinkedIn/Job Search Methods

This service includes:
  • Online personalized sessions on the use of LinkedIn for job search and how to become a power user.
  • Development, writing, and consolidation of your personal brand through the definition of your LinkedIn content and SM content standardization. Personal brand positioning.
  • A detailed explanation of the 3 Job Search methods and the development of a personal marketing plan to put in motion your job search.
  • Recruiters, open and hidden opportunities, keyword filters, job market research, direct marketing, online and offline job search management.
    NETWORKING for job search.
  • All sessions are recorded in MP4 for your future reference.

Duration. 4 Hours with weekly follow ups for 3 months.

Executive Branding/LinkedIn/Job Search Methods
Executive Interview Coaching

Executive Interview Coaching

This service includes:
  • Includes preparation and tips before, during, and after the interview.
    2019 interview trends.
  • Difficult questions and possible answers.
  • Competency-based questions and interviews preparation, and practice.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Recorded interview practice.
  • Co-writing of Thank-You letters.
  • All sessions are recorded in MP4 for future reference.

Duration. Minimum 3 hours

Additional Services

  • Translation EN/ES ES/EN of resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, documents, social media, or any business or financial content.
  • Cover letters
  • Resume Updates/Additional Career Coaching hours
Executive Additional Services

What our clients say about us

Monique Nunez-Hyland

Trust her system, it works!

I was very fortunate to find CCC to guide my job search, not once but twice. She organizes you to manage you career plan in line with your life objectives, provides unbiased and candid advice in the different steps of the process, yet transmits you the confidence and skills to stand out and reach your career goals. Trust her system, it works!

Edson Patete

One of the best career coaches you may find.

I was very fortunate to work with CCC as a client. They were recommended to me by a good old friend. I have to say I’m completely satisfied with their services and the results I got; they are outstanding professionals with AMAZING skills, detail, and goal oriented, their social skills are out of the chart. They immediately capture what your top skills are and then write with you this piece of art you will call resume. They also help you to master the tools that are within your reach, they will show you the path you need to follow to change from your job to your dream job, you can trust their system because it does work. Don’t think twice to contact them, one of the best career coaches you may find. Thank you! Muchas Gracias!! Muito Obrigado!

Javier Arias

I owe a lot to Andreina and highly recommend her.

I met Andreina while undergoing a difficult transition in my life. After 6 years, working as a high level diplomat first as Minister of Environment and later as Ambassador of Panama to Qatar, I decided to move to the United States and return to the private life and investment banking. Starting where you left off after having a similar stint in public life can be cumbersome and especially when you decide to change countries. I had an impressive list of accomplishments that I needed to express clearly in order to achieve my goal to change both my career and try a new job market.

Andreina spent a lot of time understanding the skills and expertise behind each position I had in the past. She took the time to determine where I wanted to go and sometimes even help me figure it out. Writing down my skill set and answering cookie cutter questions wouldn’t have helped me because I needed someone that could look beyond the positions and see what could better work for my goals. She did the almost impossible job of translating my real life experience into sellable assets and taught me how to use LinkedIn as a marketing and job search tool.

Less than two weeks after finishing our work, I got several offers, one of which ended up as a perfect fit for me. I owe a lot to Andreina and highly recommend her. She went an extra mile by listening to me and thinking out of the box, turning my job hunt into an immediate success, especially during a time and place that did not have a huge demand.

Erwin Albizu

CCC is the best

CCC is the best, thanks to their coaching and motivation I achieved my job interest. Their professionalism was a key factor on my success. I will recommend them a million times to anybody that is looking to advance in their career. THANK YOU, for all what you did.

Greg Piercing

She is very passionate and inspirational!

CCC provided me with solid direction and was very timely with her project work. She not only directed but inspired me and others I love the the confidence and direction that they needed and deserved. She is very passionate and inspirational.

Antonio Boadas

My CCC Coach is a real master on organizational development

My CCC Coach is a real master on organizational development, personal branding, career change, helping her clients to discover their essence. My working sessions with CCC where probably the most productive hours I've have had in years. I learned more about myself, I understood how the market works and how to use the tools and she guided me crafting my story. I gained a level of clarity about my strengths and passion areas I didn't have before. I wouldn't have made the change I recently made if it wasn't for her counsel and guidance.


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